Frequently Asked Questions

As the project develops, we love to hear from the Tamiya community.

Our Founder Ben will be regularly answering your most Frequently Asked Questions. 


Why the Wild One?

When we looked back at the classic Tamiya models, cars like the BigWig, Hornet, Grasshopper and others were top of the list. But ergonomically they proved difficult to fit a decent sized adult in with the necessary safety precautions.

The Wild One was the last of the Tamiya kits which was relatively proportional size-wise to the buggies which inspired them and gave decent cockpit space inside.

Why is it 80% scale?

When we looked at what size a 100% scale Wild One would be (based on the R/C version being 1/10th) it would have been 4.25m long by 2.25m wide…which is massive. To put that in context, the Lamborghini Aventador is only 2.05m wide. So it would have been impossible to drive on the road.

So we scaled it back to 80% to keep the width sensible (it’s still 1.8m wide, about the same as a VW Golf) but you may have noticed that we’ve slightly extended the roof line to make it easier to get into and out of, and to give headroom for taller drivers.

Why is the base model only 30mph and 4kW?

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, each of our 11kg battery packs can put out a peak of around 4kW-5kW each. The base car will come with one PowerPack to keep the costs down, and if it’s geared for 30mph it should get there pretty quickly, rather than taking ages. You will be able to upgrade both the rear axle top speed, and the number of packs you can run – the car is designed to run up to 4 in parallel (and maybe more in the future).

The other reason is that it aligns with EU L6e quadricycle legislation for road legality – you are limited to 4kW maximum net power and 45km/h top speed. This means is it would minimise the number of changes needed to get your car registered for the road.

We are also going to do an L7e kit which will give a much higher top speed and more power, but you’ll need more batteries and a bigger motor.

How fast will it be? How powerful can it get?

One thing we found with the Bugatti Baby II and DB5 Junior is that lightweight vehicles don’t need much power to feel fast. Both are around 250kg (which is our target for the Wild One MAX) and in their 4kW modes they feel pretty rapid. That said we like speed as much as the next petrolhead. So we’re hoping to offer an option on the Wild One MAX to head to 16-20kW (with 4 PowerPacks in parallel) which is 21-27bhp in old money. And that’s very torquey electric horsepower so it’ll feel much faster.

In terms of top speed it will have to come down to safety. We need to test the final car for stability, reliability and so on. But we’d hope to be in the 50-60mph range. No promises yet!

Can it have two seats?

With the Wild One MAX, the standard cockpit is looking too narrow to have a driver and passenger side by side, and a 1+1 (like a Renault Twizy) would put the passenger outside the roll cage which isn’t safe enough.

However, we believe we may be able to do a “wide body” chassis which would be stretching the proportions of the original car a little, but allow a side by side seating. If we do, it’ll probably be an option at ordering, and we’ll make all the other components interchangeable. This is one we’re going to ask you about in due course – the authenticity v desirable features.