• The electric vehicle shown in this communication is a pre-production model and is currently under development. The specifications, features, and performance details provided in this communication are based on our best estimates at this stage and the specifications of the final production vehicle may differ from those shown.
  • The actual production vehicle, when available, may undergo changes and improvements that could affect its range, CO2 emissions, and other attributes. The final production vehicle specifications may vary from any described in this communication.
  • WLTP Test Compliance: The final production vehicle will be subject to the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) for determining range and CO2 emissions once it is in production. The WLTP results are not available as at the date of this communication in respect of the pre-production vehicle.
  • Range and CO2 Emissions Information: The final production vehicle’s electric range and CO2 emissions details will be provided following WLTP testing. These figures will accurately reflect the vehicle's performance under standard testing conditions.